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Soft Shells

Soft Shells is a photo portrait series that catalogues an individual with every object of clothing they own. So far, there have been 40 participants living in Canada that have taken part in in the project. The models have ranged in age from 6-days-old to 89-years-old. 

2017-ongoing, Digital prints, 43”x78”/24”x42”.

For prints, please inquire

Many thanks to the Soft Shells models:
Abbey Garside, Alex, Anna Schkuratoff, Boma Brown, Cameron Rohani, Dave Craggs, David Henrich (Fruit Bat), Eryn Beattie, Eva Henrich, Hannah van Adrichem, Florence Boylan, Ian Phillips, Janine Dukelow, Jeffrey Ellom, Josie Mason, Keenan Mittag-Degala, Kenny Dyas, Leaf Kapasi, Levi Chase, Trevor Phillips, Tyrone Dubs, Cam Welch, Rance Mok, Ian Flemming, Hannah vanAdrichem, Jordon Lowe, Bill Young, Sea, Taryn Walker, David Barrington

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